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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Fault in Our Books

I should really be studying but I don't feel like it. I mean SAturdays are Saturdays. On a normal Saturday, I would be doodling something as I did my homework and then spending the rest of the afternoon watching episodes of Doctor Who but UNTIL THESE EXAMS ARE OVER I CANNOT DO ANYTHING REMOTELY FUN. BUT I have made a list of all the fun stuff I want to do which include

  • Catching up on book reading
  • Writing more for the blog
  • Starting a book on wattpad
  • Painting and drawing all the stuff I want to
  • Watching all the freaking episodes of everything ever.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to wait and started on point number one before I even finished my exams. Yes, I has finally read the famous tragic novel called "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. It was an interesting book, considering I had never read one about chronic illness and dying without doing anything substantial. I suppose you can say I enjoyed it.
♣Because every post needs pictures♣
However, it wasn't exactly a tearjerker. I have had several people tell me that TFIOS is something you read with a tissue box right beside you but I didn't even feel remotely sad (am I heartless?). I mean, yes it was a realistic book in some aspects and I loved Hazel's relationship with her parents (her mother was adorable and so was her dad) but I wasn't compelled to cry (maybe I was too focused on finding sad parts, that I over expected and the sad parts didn't seem like sad parts with the heavy impression I read the book with).

Augustus was fine too. The only thing that creeped me out was how they had such weird conversations with big words and funny concepts that I never thought about. I guess it just shows how different life is for cancer patients who don't get to do things the way we do and probably spend a lot of their time thinking about things we don't bother about that much.

I do plan to re-read TFIOS because there were some paragraphs I skimmed over that I really should have sat down and analyzed carefully. Until then, I'm just gonna keep on going through all the books I have downloaded and making a list of re-reads.


  1. Oh gosh, I know that feeling.. I don't like studying on weekends (-_-) and I didn't cry when I read TFIOS too :O

    1. Yus, good to know I'm not the only one! Every book lover I know has expressed astonishment on my reaction to TFIOS D:

  2. I read it. And cried at work. On the train. At home. Haha.


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