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Saturday, May 10, 2014


So now that my birthday is over and gone, I just wanted to compile some of the gems that I got that made me go like-

~Bro, where's my hug Q.Q ~

~ Here's kashaf xD I like how she's like "You're supposed to say thank you! Eighteen years and no manners!" ~

~Got this eaaaarrrlyyyy in the morning *you can see it says 2:11a* and she also put in a photograph/status thing up on facebook :) ~

~ and here's Lalie xD ~

~ tumblr buddy danganronpanda! AKA chocolate-darkrai :D ~

There's lots of other people who wished too but its just that I haven't gotten the hang of taking screen shots of computer screens *Google wished me as well O.O but I don't have evidence! D:*




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