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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diary Post; That One Long Day

This post is going to be quite long (or maybe it just sounded long in my head). I had two exams today, one in AM (Physics P5) and one in PM (Mathematics P6).

Because my brother had an exam around the same time as me, I was to be dropped off at the exam hall and then walk to the hospital where my father works so I could go home with him while the driver went back to pick my brother up. So I stepped into school to find like, thirty police officers (I'm not gonna call them cops, honestly cops are like. Awesome. But policemen in Pakistan just give off a somewhat pathetic aura, no offense) all strolling around in the courtyard. I went up to the stairs of a building to shove my bag somewhere with the other bags and asked some random girl "What's going on?" and she's like "Nothing" and I'm like "Ahan, that doesn't look like nothing" and turned away. A few feet away, there was this girl who was literally yelling in her phone "It's alright! It's just a rumor! I'm fine!"

I was perplexed but not exactly alarmed and walked into the exam hall and took my seat (which was at the back, between a gang of boys who couldn't stop talking and later on, couldn't stop cheating). I was in the hall half an hour before the exam was due to start (ie it was 1:30PM) and it hadn't even been ten minutes when suddenly one of the invigilator is like "You guys, up and out the emergency exit please and leave ALL of your things behind".
Me: Whuuut is going on

So we all had to stand outside in the sun for about 45 minutes and most of this standing involved getting in a straight line and then ruining it and then fixing it again and then being moved off to another area and then making a line again. During this period there were little rumors circulating about the paper being cancelled, about the reason being that the paper got leaked and a couple of other suggestions the most prominent being that the institution had received a bomb threat.

After that, we got to go back to the hall and sit in our seats and wait about another forty five minutes for the paper to start. During these forty five minutes, the invigilators were like FLIP EVERYTHING ON YOUR DESK ONTO ITS BLANK SIDE and for a second I was like maybe they're trying to check if all of us are obedient humans and not mechanical cyborgs (I had been reading Scarlet, the second book of The Lunar Chronicles earlier that day) but then I dismissed the thought after some careful observation.

The exam started and ended and I was glad it was finally over when I went to get my bag AND IT WASN'T THERE *starts panicking but doesn't show it*. Meanwhile, one of my friends is like
Mossi: Hey how'd your paper go
Me: It was okay not so bad. I had my bag here, do you know where it went?
Mossi: Oh, I had my bag here. I don't know where it went. Were you the one with the bomb?
Me: *blanched* Ah. Yes, it was me. Of course it was me.

I went to a security guard and asked him where my bag might be and he pointed to a table where all the student bags were placed. I found my bag and called my father since I had walked out of the hall about 1.5 hours late.

I was to stick to the plan on walking to the hospital. It's about a fifteen minute walk on the side of the main road and as I walked, several taxis passed by, slowing down as they approached and then moving off. I think it was the "don't you even try" face that I had put on.

I reached the hospital and got into my father's office and started reading Scarlet on my phone again when a two or three different people came and said stuff to me randomly like "Hey how are you how're your exams going why don't you study medical here" and then my father came back and two other people came in and my dad is like "this is my daughter" and the uncle I didn't know at all was like "oh hi how're you, what class are you in oh that's nice" and when he was leaving, he turns around and he's like "You need to smile more, you know even if you don't have a reason" and my father was like "she's just assessing what kind of person you are" and then he just randomly said some joke I didn't understand *laughs politely*.

I DONT THINK YOU UNDERSTAND MY PAIN THOUGH. I had just stood for about 45 minutes under the burning sun, and I sweat ALOT. And then I had walked like twenty minutes. And then I was sitting in a spacious, clean hospital office, can you just imagine my horror and embarrassment as random people kept coming in to say something to my dad and then have ten minute long conversations while I try to blend in and hope I don't stink.

And then we finally went home. I left my phone on my bed and came back like twenty minutes later to find two missed calls from Lilly and Lalie and then I called them back to see what the problem was, turns out they were just randomly pranking me.

The End.

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