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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Fault in Our Books (1)

Look what I just found on tumblr.

the-emo-wolverine-writes  annatheprincess
i showed my older sister (who’s going on two years thyroid cancer free) the trailer for the fault in our stars and she thought it was ridiculous
she also had this to say
'i mean, yeah it shows teenagers going through shit, but they're not showing it in the right perspective. they need to show it in more of a my sister’s keeper tone. like i know lots of people with cancer that died without falling in love, and when you have cancer you don’t go on a journey to find out who you are, it just hits you like'oh shit, i really gotta get myself in check'. you don’t automatically go 'oh you're a boy so you're the one' either. it’s not like when you have cancer you’re gonna be able to go out and go on a journey. i was laid up in bed on radiation, god. this is ridiculous.’ (i interject with a ‘what about those teen girls who are gonna see this movie and romanticize it’) ‘god they’re all gonna go to tanning beds and get cancer now like 'ALRIGHT I GOT CANCER NOW I CAN GO ON A JOURNEY AND FIND MY LOVE LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THE FAULT IN MY STARS'. it’s not something they’ll want. trust me. ’
in short, fuck tfios

Interesting take on TFIOS coming from a cancer patient.

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