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Monday, April 28, 2014

Untitled Poem

The pounding sound inside my head 
Is just my own imagination, they said
We can't hear it, let's call a shrink!
So I've gone mental, is that what you think?
Shush now! Stop the car!
Can't you hear the drums of war?!
Coming closer, day by day
No one listens, no matter what I say
You're in danger, you have to run!
They all laugh and go back to their fun
That war's not for us, it's too far away
Don't let this doomsayer spoil your day!
See how I warn them, see how they jeer
When comes the war, it'll all be wiped clear
Not one will stand, not one will speak
Suddenly life would appear very bleak
The war will come, the war will stay
Until every life has been drained away
Make up your mind before its over and done
Come fight with me or turn away and run
Shush now, can't you hear?!
The drums of war, loud and clear
Find your courage, no time to cry
Here we stand and here we will die
-written by yours truly-

~I just randomly wrote this while I was studying because I was extremely bored. Actually, I've written another poem too, but that one still needs some work. This is one is straight off the page, no editing save that done while converting the thought to words. 

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