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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Journal Writing

So I thought I should finally sit down and start a little journal writing. There's something about writing down on paper that beats blogging on a computer any day. I think it's because paper and pen makes things so much more personal than a blog ever can (we are discussing personal, not beautiful, because I know my blog is very beautiful, okay).
Here is the notebook I bought especially for writing on. I got it from SIST earlier this year off a stall selling lots of cute stuff, but I just saw this and I'm like. Perfect. I've started writing on it already. I think I'll post some of my entries every now and then because I don't want to keep this completely separate from blogging.

Anyway, PERSONAL UPDATE. I'm feeling sick D: I've got a runny nose and a sore throat but no fever but sometimes my head hurts and I had a biology exam and I skipped one part I think because I didn't have time and I did the rest lazily like ooh I like this question, let's do this first and stuff and I forgot some stuff like how a pregnancy kit works like wth do I need to know that for I mean seriously. Oh and there was this funny sea horse questions and a funny mammoth question the mammoth question reminded me of Ice Age though I like Ice Age Ice Age is nice. <== this is literally how I answered essay questions in biology. Repeating same facts in different ways.
Oh and as if this wasn't enough, the biology teacher is like "regular classes wednesday onwards lel" and NO I DONT WANNA GO I mean I wanna sit at home and properly study you lot didn't give me enough time to study for the mocks, shove off my final exam timetable ;n; but nooo >_> well I guess I'm going to have to go, even though I don't want to.
We also have a Monal trip coming up, but it's just gonna be a bus ride to Monal, eat, come back and that sounds kind of boring no offense, Lilly wants me to come though. I might go, I'm not sure.
Anyway, I'm going to get back to studying psychology! It's the last mock exam left and then there's just the final CIEs left. I'm planning to join an academy for FSc on the last day of my science papers. That way, I can at least give the NUST Entry Test as well as have a head start for the Medical College Admission Test.

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