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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Ideal Blogger (#3) Common Courtesy

I'll admit, this is a pretty delayed post, but I have finally written it and thus conclude the end of this blogging trilogy *-* I hope this helps bloggers out there a bit or inspires them. Here's a post I read this week by Kat @ (Almost) Completely Mad which talks about getting readers too!

Let's talk about what exactly courtesy is. Courtesy means excellence of manners or social courtesy. So we're not going to talk about "nice things to do" but "extra super duper nice things to do" cause we're going to aim for the absolute best!

Your post should be in a font that is large and clear. Don't use one of those fancy chic fonts that are great for titles but horrible for the actual post. It makes it hard for your readers to get through and will probably scare them off. Additionally, your font color should contrast to your background. Black text on white backgrounds is a good idea and pretty popular- that doesn't mean you can't deviate! Go ahead, pick out something totally new but make sure you check if it's easy on the eyes.

Everyone need to blog-promote every now and then. Most do it through comment spam. You'll find that same comment stamped on several inter-related blogs with absolutely no mention of the post or blogger in question who they are addressing. If you want to blog-promote through comments, READ the post you decided to leave a stamp on and add a personal line or two. Make people who see your comment feel like you're easy to approach and human, instead of a spam bot.

Comments you write on other people's blogs should be free of profanity. Just because you like being profane doesn't mean you can go spew whatever you want on someone else's corner of the internet! That's wrong and gives off a horrible impression. So remember, no profanity! Also, if you disagree with something written in the post, be polite about it! In fact, what's stopping you from writing a response post? That way, you could share your views more productively than in a comment- and move a potential war zone out of someone else's blog!

When you give out social media, for example your email, twitter, facebook or instagram, you should actually check it and look out for your followers. There's nothing readers like better than the occasional tweet or mention on social media from their favorite bloggers. Here's your chance to turn follows into friendships!

Teenage bloggers love adding music players to their blogs. It makes the blog look professional and personal at the same time. However, for link-clicked reader, it might be a turn off to suddenly have loud music playing from your blog window. Most people take the quick route and shut down the tab so stop the music- and that's how you've lost a potential reader. So what can you do? You could either put the music on an extremely low volume (like soft background music), giving your readers the option of turning it up themselves, or stop the music entirely and hope your readers think about turning it on themselves. I suggest the former.

When you hand out people link awards, there's quite a possibility that your followers decide not to read that post. Awards aren't that fun to read when all you're doing is answering random questions (unless you add lots of cool gifs and pictures, then your awards are super awesome) so if you tag people, they might not even know about it. Solution? Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs telling them about what you've done!


  1. Spam bot :P
    There was this one person I don't remember the name never checked out the blog but judging from the link I remember I thought it must be again one of lifestyle and fashion blogs which I do not get :P :P
    I had like 3 blogs open at the time and was reading throught them when I saw that comment apparently she had posted same comment "Cute post follow me on something" :P :P on all 3 blogs and on mine :P :P
    She never even read what the posts were about :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  2. I love your posts with these tips! I know what you mean about fonts! There are amazing blogs out there with great content but it hurts my eyes when I try reading them sometimes because the font is too light or something, you know?

    MJ //

  3. Nice post! I loved these tips. They're some of the best. I must admit I have lots of problems with social medias. Normally I only use facebook and pinterest. The others are too hard to keep up with:)

  4. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips! They will come in so handy for me:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  5. Its interesting i like this

  6. To me, common courtesy is almost as important as writing a good post.
    And part of my common courtesy is, strange as is may sound: don't always follow everyone back. If someone with a beauty blog follows you, but you're not at all interested in beauty, then it seems a bit unfair to me to follow this person, since you're probably not going to comment anyway.
    I also have this weird thing of clicking on ads and sponsored links, because I know the blogger will make some money out of my single click. It's no effort at all and maybe someone will return the favor.


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