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Friday, October 31, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

I got nominated to do this by Jenna at Sparkly Kid and this is the first time I got this award *-* so yes, I'm pretty excited to do this (: Jenna is a fellow TBC blogger who's also joined our Google+ group! If you're a TBC blogger, join the group too!

This blog award is pretty brief. Here are the rules!

Seven Facts About Me

1. I am bilingual- I speak English and Urdu quite fluently. However, I aspire to learn more languages. Arabic, German and Chinese have made it on my list!

2. I love reading books and I really wish libraries existed in my city. Unfortunately, when the British decided to colonize India, they didn't bother about building libraries the way they built railroads. A pity.

3. The first thing I do when I open my browser is open blogger. Want proof? Here.
Blogger, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Google, Facebook, Med Studentz, Kick Ass Torrent, Twitter.

4. I am totally fangirling over The Legend of Korra! The animation, the characters, the plot, the tension, the action! I love it all to bits! In fact, I'm planning to take out all my fangirling in a total #TLOK blogpost xD That's how much I love it.

Bruh the Avatar is back in business and better than ever! 

5. I'm also fangirling over the latest Naruto chapter- I don't know how many of you guys watch or read Naruto, but sorry for mega spoiling BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS AND THIS IS SO IMPORTANT LET ME SHOW YOU.

Read from Right to Left.

6. My mom wants me to write tons of stuff and mail them around but I don't tell her I've got a blog because I'm afraid she's going to mega stalk me and read every single post. So that's why I'm going to make a side blog where I'll write everything she wants me to write so she can be happy xD the blog is currently under construction by Emily at Lynde Avenue ^^

7. Today is the last day of October! And tomorrow is going to be November! And November is when the Shifa merit list is going to be out! I hope my name is on it QnQ

Okay, next part of this award is to nominate fifteen other bloggers. Let's see how far I go..
I think ten is enough @.@

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great start to November!


  1. the second one is so true and so funny :P :P
    Public libraries are so hard to find :P :P

  2. Yay!! Thanks for tagging me :D I wish I knew different languages! I have tried and just given up :P

  3. Great answers :)
    Number three is exactly the same as my browser! Except for the :D

  4. Ha, I love seeing what peoples most common websites are - there should a be tag for people just to post that :)

    Corinne x

  5. congratulation about your nomination!!
    you have a great blog :)
    tellme how about follow each other?
    let me know please
    I always follow back :)

    have a great weekend!

  6. Oh my gosh, I completely missed seeing this! (Dratted dashboard) *slams head against computer screen*
    Thanks for the nomination ahhh <3


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