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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Shifa Interview

I had to make an entire post for this because it was really interesting and lots of people wanted details and it's a little difficult typing out the same thing to different people again and again xD So I'm just going to write it down altogether here.

The interview is basically called MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) and the introduction given by the college is as follows:-
The college will conduct MMI as a part of its admission process. These will consist of 8-10 interactive stations of 7-8 minutes duration with a single interviewer at each station. The stations will focus on the following domains.
-      Critical Thinking
-      Ethical Decision Making
-      Communication Skills
-      Knowledge of Health care system
Final eligibility for admissions will be decided by the admission committee according to the applicant’s performance in all area of assessment.
My interview was conducted on the 22nd of October. The time they gave for me was 11:30 am but since I'd been spending my days in the hospital since Monday, I was there since 9:30 am and went to the college around 11:00 am. I was the first person there but right after me, two other girls came and the three of us settled into a nervous conversation about the ordeal we were about to face.

We waited until almost 1:00 pm- that's when the interview was officially starting. The first ten people to arrive were lined up and sent into the corridor which contained the rooms having the different stations.

Station#1: My first station was the rest station, where I spent my first seven minutes sitting in the corridor.

Station#2: "You are holding interviews for a job position and one of the applicants says that due to his father's ill health, he was unable to complete the application in time. He is now asking for an interview. What would you do?"

Station#3: "You had an argument with one of your classmates. Your teacher has divided the class into groups and both of you are in the same group. You want the groups to be changed. Request your teacher for this"

Station#4: "What qualities should a good doctor have? Relate an incident which shows that you possess this quality"

Station#5: "You run a tertiary government hospital which is supposed to provide free medication. However, you have a shortage and patients have to end up paying themselves. What would you do?

Station#6: "You were exiting a car parking when you hit the car next to you and break something. The security guard sees and informs you that it is Doctor Y's car and he has been told of this incident. Call Doctor Y and tell him what happened"

Station#7: This was a rest station. I sat down in the corridor again.

Station#8: "You are a drug addict and you really want to get admission into a college. The college is conducting screening tests. What would you do?"

Station#9: "Here is a table of a survey conducted by an ice cream company who wants to launch a new flavor. Look at the data and explain which flavor they should launch"

Station#10: "Why do you want to be a doctor?"

The result will be out on the first of November. I'll repost these questions and share my answers and responses then xD. Have a nice day ^^


  1. You have to go through all that to get into medical college o.O

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  2. Hahaha station one: rest. That's so pointless. I used to have that with sports activities in high school. The teacher would be like: 'Okay, you go play hockey with your team, you guys go do some basketball and Envy's team can take a rest.' Gee, thanks coach, I really needed that.
    Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Hope it all goes well! Fingers crossed for you! <3

    MJ //


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