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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Picture Perfect Memories #2

Picture Perfect Memories is a monthly meme hosted by Envy at Picking Up the Pieces. I thought this was super interesting to do and now, I've finally decided to do it. Basically, you just share a picture or two that are associated with a share-worthy memory and the best part is, you don't even have to be in the picture! (how cool is that omg xD)


Weddings are a really big affair in almost every culture- Pakistan isn't an exception. This is an event which excites people from every single age and class because weddings mean shiny new clothes, jewelry, big get-to-gathers, food and excitement in the air. Well, my family hadn't attended a wedding for quite a few months so all my little cousins decided to have a wedding of their own- with dolls.

From Left to Right --> Bride's sister, Bride, Groom, Groom's sister.

It was a full-fledged affair, I tell you. There was a four foot tall mother-in-law fussing with the bride's mother (bth of the moms were sisters, btw) and people bringing gifts for the couple (usurped by the little mommies again) and then all the traditional customs being carried out- including a marriage document being signed .__. (Gudda and Gurya respectively)

My favorite one is the part where the bride's family steals the groom's shoe and the poor guy has to sit down and haggle with his in-laws over the price for getting his shoes back. This part was taken over by the older cousins and there was a whole play about it- where the bride is like "Give him his shoe back!" and the groom is like "I'm just a doll! I don't have any money!" and the bride's sister is like "Pay up 2000 rupees or your shoes will never see the light of day!"

After all that festivity, it was decided that the bride would have to be handed over to her inlaws (or, in the care of the elder sister) but the bride's mom (younger sister) didn't like this one bit and spirited the bride away to give her a bath and wash her up- which of course, ruined all the care taken into making sure the bride was spic and span for her wedding. This caused a great uproar between the elder sister and the younger sister and the mother of both (my aunt) had to resolve this issue.

This was literally, a one of a kind wedding and it was absolutely hilarious. I loved this memory, and that's why I decided to share it with you (: 


  1. That sounds like one awesome wedding! Sometimes I miss the days of playing with dolls, just because of the crazy stories I'd make up for them XD

  2. That sounds like an awesome wedding!
    Ha ha, I went to my dad's friend's wedding in London when I was really little and we were had lots of fun running away when we (the bride's sisters, cousins, and I) took not only the groom's shoes, but other guys' as well! (We would pull them off their feet and run away. Don't ask, lol). I didn't know that was the custom, but it was fun :)

    MJ //

  3. Oh, wow! That's hilarious! I wish I'd been at that wedding! XD

  4. That was HILARIOUS. X) It also sounds like a really cool meme; I'll have to try that one sometime! :) I have a doll memory...also a toy wedding memory...but not a doll wedding. I need one of those. XD hehe great post!

  5. That was really funny :3 I can't recall enjoying reading a wedding story so much, HAHAHA.

  6. Weddings can be quite an affair!
    Enjoyed reading it! :)

  7. HAHAHA! The gudde & gurriya shaadi always ends up in a dispute. Honestly, I have been there before.

  8. I remember how I used to play with these dolls and every other Barbie day was wedding day! :D

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. :)

  9. Yes yes yes I do remember doing this kinda shaadis every week with friends haha! So fun! I guess kids of new generation can never feel how awesome it was!

  10. That sounded like one awesome wedding! I used to host many weddings with my dolls, but J usually did not have any male dolls, so I had an imaginary grooom... Haha :)

    Had fun reading this!


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