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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ramadan Diaries: Eid!

I think I should start this post by saying EID MUBARAK (belatedly).

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Eid is the religious holiday which Muslims celebrate after Ramadan, the month of fasting. As a result, it is celebrated in a unique spirit among all Muslim households. Eid starts off with the Eid Prayer which is in the morning, around 7 to 8 am.

This year's Eid was a little toned down in my family due to a very recent death, the death of my father's uncle who was a main elder in our family. He had been diagnosed with cancer at it's last stages and despite all efforts to combat it, he succumbed two days before Ramadan started. The entire illness lasted maximum four or so months. (Innalillahiwainnillaihirajiun)

Another reason for the somewhat lack of festivity was the fact that a good 1/3rd of our relatives had decided to celebrate their Eid in Karachi instead of Islamabad.

After the Eid prayer, we usually have lots of people coming and going but that wasn't the case this time. Around 12pm we went out to meet some relatives. During Eid, such meetings usually involve eating all the yummy stuff made and collecting Eidi. Eidi is money that adults give to children to celebrate.

On the second day of Eid, we were mostly at home until 6pm because that's when the Family Variety show started. The FVS (I shortened it :D) is a sort of program conducted by my uncle with help from some of my cousins and it involves lots of competitions and games. I didn't really participate in anything except the 3D art category because I'd REALLY wanted to make a pinata D: also, I felt kind of embarrassed to go and do anything else- not with tons of younger kids to 'compete' with. So I've decided that next time, I'll get my younger siblings totally prepared so they could do something worthwhile.

The pinata I made was somewhat a success. Nobody hit it with a stick though- children were given one chance to punch it and it kind of broke (I'd attached a string to hold it up with but it collapsed within the first five punches) and then it was broken by the time the kids' turns were done. It started spilling out candy and all the kids were like "Wooooww" and they collected whatever they could find and I felt rather pleased with myself. (The pinata got me first place, no surprise there)

Overall the event was great, it was lots of fun and really entertaining. I think my family has the greatest Eids ever and I'm extremely grateful for that. Not many families have such creativity displayed on their festive holidays.

Eid Mubarak :D


  1. Eid Mubarak and sorry for your uncle. Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaehi Raji'oon.
    I'd really like to see that pinata! My Eid wasn't so good. I have written on it in my latest post, If you'd like to know.
    Cheers :)

  2. I'm sorry about your uncle :l

    It's good to know that you enjoyed the event though. And this is the first time I hear about having a pinata during Eid :O

  3. Wow, seems like your family really likes to have fun! I rarely watch pinata games. Nice to have a family party!


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