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Friday, July 11, 2014

In Search Of Humanity

Very recently, someone said to me "Nukes will bring peace". This statement is, in my opinion, the greatest contradiction I have ever heard and apparently, whoever has this opinion doesn't know about the Israel-Palestine conflict, which isn't really a conflict any more, its oppression. Has this news flashed by your eyes yet? With the World Cup and what not going on, it's hardly surprising. That's what the media is good at- diverting people's attention to what is totally unimportant.

Don't you dare contradict me to say that the World Cup is more important that the open slaughter of Palestinians, or more important that brutality comparable to the Holocaust that is happening today. And don't you dare try to make a point like "The Holocaust cannot be compared to what Israel is doing!" because excuse you, it IS comparable- or would you rather wait until this has become history taught in textbooks, or a controversial issue decades later when, no matter how much you debate on it, it can't be changed?

A lot of people are passionate when it comes to discussing the Holocaust and how inhumane that period of human history was, how thoroughly "ethnic cleansing" was carried out, how efficiently planned the entire procedure was. Well, looks like it's that time again. Where are you, when it's your chance to raise your voice and change the course of history? What makes you think that this is really just a question of terrorism and security and not of humanity?

Perhaps we should start from the beginning? Keeping  things simple, Israel is a "country" created on borrowed Palestinian land. You'd think this displaced nation would have been content to finally get their "promised land" delivered to them through the US and the UN but that's not the case at all. Now that Israel has the power to be an oppressor, it seems determined to try it out. Don't believe the oppression? Look at the figures.

And this is in just the span of three days. And if figures don't do it for you, take a look at this.

shadowhunterhalfling  shadowhunterhalfling
I have to say something.
Everywhere, it’s a norm to teach children how to use the microwave and how to count their money — how many cents equal a dollar. My friend’s paternal family are in Gaza. She went to visit them a few years ago. When she came back, she told us about things she did with her cousins. Her aunts and uncles and her grandmother. It was the normal things you do with your relatives, you know? Except for the part where they drop to the ground when hearing an explosion nearby. They do it like it’s as natural as breathing, like it’s an everyday routine. It’s so casual, nothing new, to watch the house right next to yours being blown into pieces. Children in Palestine know the right position to be in during a nearby bombarding. And it’s not just that your house can cave in on you while having lunch that’s a norm. It’s a norm for a couple of Israeli soldiers to get into your house, take all your belongings, hit you in the head with the butts of their guns, and leave like they’re walking out a restaurant. It’s a norm to leave your house and never come back. Men and women and children in Palestine live in homes that can’t shelter them. But do they live in fear? No, they don’t. And that’s sickening. Why? Because being blown to pieces while walking on the pavement is as natural there as being approached by a mosquito. Your child is going to school, but they might never come back. Your husband’s going to work so he could afford dinner for you, but he might never come back. And you’ll have to suck it up and be okay with it and move on, because it’s a norm, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And there’s no one to care and no one to help you. It’s disgusting how even here in the rest of the Middle East, people are gathered in coffee shops watching Argentina vs Netherlands and ignoring what’s happening to their brothers and sisters in Gaza and the cities near Gaza. I see a lot of things. I see beautiful posts about acts of kindness, with hundreds of thousands of notes. I see a lot of things on Tumblr that make me feel like my faith in humanity isn’t a stupid thing I convince myself with for comfort. But look at this post. It’s about my relatives and my friends’ families and strangers who are dying in their own homes for absolutely no reason. It’s about children and young people having their lives taken and loved ones taken. It’s about a people who never knew peace, who get accused of terrorism and awful actions when in fact they’re walking in a world where wolves are out to get them and no hunters care to look their way, to offer a helping hand. I know you won’t reblog this post. But why? Please tell me why. Why are the lives of these people — not only the ones lost, but the ones existing in suffering — less important than the world cup or Dean in gym shorts? Why are you scrolling past this?
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Are you telling me that Israel’s means and ways of ruining my family’s lives are justified by their so-called intentions? Have you been to Gaza? Have you seen their homes? Can you speak in defense of those who destroyed homes? You said nothing to the video I mentioned, dear. Have you any proof that all the abuse I’m talking about isn’t true? I don’t think you can prove that to me. I’ve never met an Arab who would blow up a building. Does that make you believe that Arabs aren’t terrorists?
You don’t have proof. Maybe I don’t have proof I can present to you. We can conclude from that that continuing to argue about this will get us nothing but frustration, both you and I, so I don’t think we should continue talking about this. Nobody knows everything, and every story is true according to where you stand, where your point of view is. And I completely understand why you want to argue with me about this. I’m bad-mouthing your people. I don’t want to bad-mouth anyone, and you can be angry about me telling you that Israelis are doing horrible things. You also have the right not to believe me, because I wouldn’t believe you either if you told me that my people are assaulting individuals in their homes. Israel wouldn’t have had to provide Palestinians with limited water and electricity if it hadn’t taken everything and left over a million Palestinians living in slums. We can keep talking about this, but I don’t think arguing is useful to anyone. Do you have anything else to tell me before we stop this back-and-forth talk? I’m all ears. I want to know how things are from your point of view. I told you mine. I told you that I’m not allowed to go home, that Palestine has always been like a fantasy land to me. When I was a kid, I used to ask my dad if grandpa had flying horses in his farm (silly, I know). My family always lived back-and-forth around the Middle East because they couldn’t go home. It’s a home I never knew. And even if we were allowed to go back, what are we going back for? There’s nothing left. That’s what I have to tell you, sweetie. What do you have to tell me? I’m all ears.
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I stand with Gaza. I will not sit back and let Israel do what it wants. People say that commenting, posting, raging on the internet won't solve problems, but I believe that awareness IS what can solve problems. I want you to know that no matter how small my voice is, its still a voice. And as long as there is a voice to condemn these atrocities, there is hope. I want you to be aware and spread awareness. I want you to show the world that we still have humanity. This isn't a question of Palestinians or Muslims or whatever other racism that's rampant right now. This is a question of being human.


  1. It is interesting to see your view on this case. I only get to see the western point of view and I've always found it a bit too America-oriented. And because America is pro-Israel, we're pro-Israel too. We seldomly see a newspaper article on what Israel actually does. I'm neutral about to whole 'who started it' thing and I don't want to judge on stories I've heard through the internet, because that's how the most idiotic internet discussions start, with two people not willing to listen to eachother because they've read something and aren't willing to be critical about the source.
    I do know though, that Israel is pulling some nasty tricks. I've read in a paper that they are slowly claiming more and more land from the Palestines just for the sake of having more land. It's wrong, just like the way they treat the Palestines, but I don't think the UN will do anything about it. Israel is like that kid in your class who bullies the kid next to him when the teacher's not looking and still gets away with it when the teacher is looking, just because he's the teacher's pet.

    1. That's true, Israel has too much support and it doesn't look like they'll be backing down until they get what they want :/

  2. Hi Catalina, I just nominated you for the Sunshine award! Just go to this link to get it! Thanks! :D

  3. Allah never forgets. I keep reminding this to myself.

  4. I have to admit, I embarrassingly know very little about the Israel-Pakistan conflict. I really relate to what Envy says, a lot of the news coverage we see is American oriented and often makes Israel look like the victim as America is very pro-Israel.

    I'd very much enjoy if you continued posting on this subject in hopes that I could get a different viewpoint. Great post. :)

    1. *Israel-Palestine lol not Pakistan.
      The media really is downplaying what is happening- and that's because it would really make Israel and it's supporters look bad.

    2. Oh my goodness I'm really embarrassed that I typed that wrong! Sorry I was in a hurry haha!

  5. I hadn't heard ANYTHING about this until my mum told me this just after lunch! What happened in Gaza was horrible and I cannot express in words how disgusted I am by what Israel is doing!

    I too think it would be great if you kept giving updates about this, but I will certainly be looking for more information myself, too!

    1. That's a great idea. I think forming an opinion by yourself is much better than taking what other people give you. Let me know what you think :)

  6. Salaam Kanra,

    I came across this post when it was submitted as an Emotional Post for the Blogscars. This was posted a pretty long time ago, but it's still relevant now and I am glad with what you've written because it's great that you've decided to share your thoughts about this issue and raise awareness about it. There's so much lives at stake and I always feel so helpless that I can make such little difference to help the victims of Gaza. However, I was also enlightened further by my sister, about how I can make a change. She has written a beautiful poem from her book, Storms and Other Short Poems, about this. As bias as this sounds, I do hope you check it out, and hope you'll be as inspired by it like I was too. Her poem, called The Palestinian Sunbird, can be found here. Thank you for sharing this post, Kanra, may God bless you for your wonderful deed to raise awareness about this. :)



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