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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Ramadan Diaries; First Ashrah

Here's the fresh blog segment I've decided to start. The Ramadan Diaries would cover the month of Ramadan in four posts, one for each of the three Ashrahs and the last post for the three days of Eid.

Didn't go so bad. Chalking out a regular routine to follow which would involve reading Quran, studying for the MCAT Academy and adding sleeping to the schedule. Sehri is at 3:00am and Fajr Azan is around 3:15am. Academy time shifted from 11am to 9am. Didn't wake up in time, went to Academy an hour late but there hadn't been any classes until 11am. Went home at 1:30pm before studying a bit and falling asleep in the middle of it. Woke up at 6pm and got ready for iftaar which is at 7:30pm.


Didn't wake up for Sehri today. Everyone else was up late as well and had enough time just to drink a glass of milk before the Azan. I was sleeping in my room because it had been raining, but shifted to my parents room (which has AC) cause it got hot and humid. Woke up at the same time today to go to Academy but skipped the shower, making me late by only twenty minutes (no English class... again). Came home at 1:20pm and didn't go to sleep this afternoon. Spent my day studying and writing notes. 

Finally started reading out the Quran from the start. My strategy is to go for thirty pages a day so that I'm done with the entire Quran in twenty days, five to make up for the past days and five if I randomly decide to slack off a bit. There's a total of 600 pages, I totally did my math right. I read three times a day, ten pages at each sitting and that's how I manage to cover thirty without my throat dying on me. Today is also the first Friday of Ramadan. 
I finished reading "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline and it's amazing o.o (blogspost about it coming up soon)

Slacked off today x.x Finished reading The Bone Season and burned through six episodes of Mekakucity Actors and one Sherlock. Also posted the Sunshine Award today. I was planning to study physics but that didn't happen at all.

Woke up for Sehri and the first thought in my head was "Today is not going to be a good day". As a result, I skipped class and stayed at home. I did get a little questioned by my parents but it's okay. My day went alright. I figured it was better having a bad day in my comfort zone rather than going out and feeling even worse- or regretting coming out at all. 

Yus! One Ashrah complete! Two more to go! So far I've covered 130/600 pages of the Quran. It's going pretty smoothly, I'll hopefully be done with days to spare :D


  1. Cool idea! What happened to days 3 and 4 though! o.o

  2. Well, nothing much actually. (what I wrote was only two lines and redundant compared to the rest) so I deleted them xD sorry lol

  3. I love the photos *__* And I didn't realize you skipped two days till I read the comments *facepalm*


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