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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Compounded Liebster Award

I love being awarded. It gives me an excuse to click on the "New Post" button with something substantial in my mind. Also, I love answering questions. There's something vaguely satisfying about trying to answer truthfully. Anyway, without further ado, I will start typing my fingers off for this post!

My nomination came from Girl in Ebony (click right there for her Liebster Award post) and then Maine Lyn nominated "whoever is reading (my post)" and because I liked her questions so much, I jumped at the second chance xD

Well, first of all, let's go over the conditions. The Liebster Award requires you to share eleven facts about yourself, answer eleven question put forward by your nominator and then nominate other bloggers. (There are some other specific conditions as well, but let's just quickly shove it into the Recycle Bin >.>)

  1. I like downloading lots of photo apps and using the same photo in all of them to see which one I like better 
  2. I prefer written conversations rather than spoken ones.
  3. I don't like being unnecessarily touched because I have a feeling that the whole world has an agenda that involves tickling o.o
  4. I don't mind hugging :D
  5. I like watermelon flavored candy and stuff, but not the actual fruit, which tastes rather bland to me.
  6. I love watching anime and shows like Doctor Who o.o
  7. I enjoy reblogging and trying to set a queue up to 200 posts on tumblr :3 (its all anime though)
  8. I'll go through tons of DIYs and never do a single one .__. sad, I know.
  9. I've been planning to splurge on art supplies but I haven't got the chance yet ;n; my MCAT classes seem to be draining all of my everything!
  10. Did I tell you guys about my new laptop :3 Oh, I think I did 
  11. I think Naruto is turning out to be an extremely stretched out story >.> I must make a post on why it is so annoying...
Okay, now for the eleven questions. First of all, from Girl in Ebony :D

Q: What question do you hate to be asked?
A: *concerned auntie voice* "Beta (dear), do you eat properly?" like heck yes auntie I stuff my face like a barbarian, it just doesn't show on me >:| (no, I don't stuff my face like a barbarian, but I don't diet at all. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but it just DOESNT SHOW ON ME)

Q: What was your favorite conversation (with your crush) about?
A: If we are talking about crushes, they're mostly fictional and involve things like "EXCUSE ME COULD'NT YOU EVEN TRY LIVING I MEAN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DIE ITS NOT FAIR" and then I make a new scenario where the character doesn't die. I think that could be, psychologically, called denial...

Q: What have you wanted to do for ages but never done? When do you think you'll be able to do it?
A: I've been wanting to make a decent, lovely scrapbook ;n; I've been wanting for ages, and I was like "I will do it this year. Iwilliwilliwill!" aaand... I'm still I-will-ing...

Q: Who do you miss most at the moment?
A: Well, I miss all of my friends xD It's summer vacation, so no school, so no seeing them every day! Plus, Lilly's gone to another city :( But I skypes with Birdie yesterday- it was fun and I was like, let's do it every week. Unfortunately, I can't do that with Lilly (probably) because she's in a hostel at the moment. Apart from that, I just have this exam tomorrow, then I'm planning on asking my friends to go out and watch a movie with me or something (maybe Maleficent?) 

Q: Do you believe in horoscopes? Why/Why not? Do you read it?
A: No, I don't believe in horoscopes because my religion says it is not permissible. For clarity, let me quote.

Not only is the practice of astrology is haram, but also visiting an astrologer and listening to his predictions, buying books on astrology or reading one's horoscope are also forbidden. Since astrology is mainly used to predicting the future, those who practice it are considered fortunetellers. Consequently, one who seeks his horoscope comes under the ruling contained in the Prophet's statement,"The salah (daily prayer) of whoever approaches a fortune teller and asks him about anything will not be accepted for forty days and nights."[Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, p. 1211, no. 5440]
The punishment in this hadith is simply for approaching the asking the astrologer, even if one is in doubt about the truth of his statements. If one is in doubt about the truth or falsehood of astrological information, he is in doubt about whether or not others know the unseen and the future besides Allah.
Haram means "forbidden" btw. I hope this answers the question and also gives the readers a little extra info :D

Q: Favorite quote? Is there any meaning behind it?

Q: Favorite Song?
A: Let me link it for you :3

Q: Which superpower do you want the most?

Q: What is your favorite hairstyle that you've ever had?
A: ......... can we talk about hijab styles..?

Q: Favorite computer game? Why?
A: OMG LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS ATTACK ON TITAN GAME I PLAYED. (this won't answer your question by the way, but I just had to tell you guys this). It's basically a game where you are a SnK character and you have to kill titans. It's a very complex game with alot of controls (okay, maybe not that much, but it IS more than the average game) and let me tell you, that game is as scary as... Gengar. Even worse! You could be sailing around in your 3DMG and trying to kill the titan but the freaking titan is so fast and you just have to get caught and it eats you in the most gruesome way. (I had Mikasa's head torn off once) and its just SCARY. (I screamed when I died the first time because it was so sudden). Anyway, after that I had a nightmare where my city had titans and I was the best 3DMG user, but all I had were cans of airfreshener. So I was just zipping around trying not to get eaten and spraying titans with lilac scented freshener. I cannot tell you how terrifying that was. (just google Attack on Titan game if you're interested in trying it out)

Q: Do you think you'll be very different when you're older? What will have changed by then?
A: Well I can't really say haha. Basically, personality is a dynamic part of you. It will always change, whether you're in university, or if you're working or if you're retired. It is impossible for a person to remain stationary in character (WHY DO BOOK AUTHORS AND MANGAKA NOT UNDERSTAND THAT) so for all I know, I may predict some change and actually show the complete opposite xD

Okay, now for Maine's questions!

Q: What are you most interested in?
A: I like reading, writing, trying out new things, looking at DIYs and going like "Mmhm, I can do that" and then shutting it down and not bothering to do it even if I really want to. (the satisfaction of being able to do it seems to be enough for me o.o)

Q: When you find yourself in an embarrassing situation, do you laugh it off or get upset about it?
A: I pretend to laugh it off while I secretly nurse my injured pride and plot to assassinate you in various ways.

Q: Are you an introvert, extro-
A: *cuts off question* INTROVERT ALL THE WAY!

Q: Type of person you're attracted to
A: Well, if we're talking girls, I like people who respect silence (as in, they don't feel the need to fill every pause up with talking) and its a plus point if we have common interests. If we're talking about guys, I'll like them as long as they stay far away enough for my TOXICALERT not to go off.

Q: What do you believe in?
A: I believe in Allah, His messengers, His books, His Angels, the Day of Judgement and the fact that every man will be brought to account to every single one of his deeds, whether good or bad and that Divine Justice will be meted out on the Day.

Q: What videos do you usually watch on Youtube? Or favorite tv shows?
A: Did I tell you that Youtube is banned in my country? I don't think I did. Well, I don't miss Youtube that much anymore. But when I did use it, I used to watch Ryan Higa (yus Maine xD) and random anime stuff where people dub them and make funny episodes (omg, search "Akatsuki Unlimited" on youtube, the first episode is HILARIOUS you will die laughing! the jokes are all words though, so you'll have to listen attentively). As for favorite tv shows, it'll be Doctor Who currently.

Q: Funniest conversation (IRL or text messaging) you've ever had?
A: I've had my fair share of funny conversations but I can't seem to recall any right now...

Q: What do you do when you feel alone?
A: TUMBLAR. Oh, and I come on and read all the lovely blogs I've got followed. Pinterest is next if I'm really desperate >.>

Q: Can you go at least an entire day without social interaction?
A: Easy. I am quite happy to keep my thoughts to myself.

Q: Ebooks or books or you don't read at all?
A: Ebooks first >.> (I don't like wasting my money on a book I might not like). If I like it, I'll buy it. (I bought the Hunger Games series after reading the ebooks. The thing about good books is that you can read them over and over again, so it's not a problem buying the hard copy when you know it'll be worth it).

Q: What do you think of school/work?
A: School is a challenge. Work is when you get paid >.> end of thinking capacity.

Okay, now my eleven questions.

  1. The scariest nightmare you've ever had?
  2. The childhood fear that seems silly, but still frightens you to some extent?
  3. These kind of people are the worst! What characteristic do these people have?
  4. The kind of book you would LOVE to read would have...
  5. If you had one single wish (because three is just unfair) what would you wish for? 
  6. The perfect sort of holiday would be...
  7. Would you rather stay in your own country or go abroad for studies etc? Which countries, if so?
  8. You favorite pastimes involve...
  9. If you had a chance to help humanity, how would you do it?
  10. The biggest problem in the world must be this. What is it, in your point of view?
  11. Have you ever been bullied? o.o

Now for my nominees!
Envy @ Picking up the pieces
Anna McAuley @ Banana and Bear
F @ The Fence Of Stars

Have a nice day <3


  1. Aww, thanks very much for the nomination! Also, interesting answers.. I never knew it was forbidden to go to a fortune teller in Islam! Thanks again for the award :)

    1. Yeah, its forbidden but there's still horoscopes in the newspapers every day >.> I guess majority of Muslims probably don't take it that seriously. I'll be looking forward to your award post :D

  2. I can relate to so many of the facts you posted! :D And Ryan Higa *___* Youtube BANNED? Oh my gosh D: And whee, I loved this post XD

    1. Yeah, it's banned ;n; they banned it on religious grounds first but then the ban suited the politicians (cause yknow, youtube reveals EVERYTHING) so they decided to keep it blocked..

  3. I loved your post! The thing about astrology was very interesting to read about; I didn't know that! :) Hahah your fictional crushes probably didn't die in a parallel universe just think of that !(^7^) I don't really read e-books, I just always buy the books. If I don't like them, then I'll usually just give/lend them to friends who I think will, or find a reason for me to like them (for example, if a book has a bad storyline and 'bad' style of writing, I'll usually persuade myself that the characters are very relatable and vice versa). "Heck yes auntie I stuff my face like a barbarian" I love you! ={P It never shows on me, either. omf how is YouTube is banned in your country!??! I would not survive...

    1. Well now you know! I think the best part about following blogs that belongs to people of different religions and cultures is that you get to know a whole lot of stuff that you wouldn't have known otherwise (plus it breaks stereotypes.. most of the time). And yus, my mind is somewhat at ease knowing that my characters don't die in the universe outside of that book :D Youtubes banned cause of hollywood basically >.> they made an offensive movie that gave my government an excuse to shut down youtube (which was exposing their corruption etc)


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