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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Five Amazing Anime Series

When entering a discussion about anime, many people back away immediately, deeming the genre of entertainment as “cartoons” and “for kids”. For many others, the face of anime is DragonBallZ, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, which often doesn't appeal for most. However I’m here to change your view about it by letting you know about the top five anime series that I believe are entertaining and worth watching.

Number Five: Sword Art Online

Based on a light novel with the same name, Sword Art Online (also known as SAO) consists of twenty five episodes that cover the first two volumes of the novel. The anime is in the process of being dubbed in English. The series takes off with the main character, Kirigaya Kazuto entering a game that takes control of all of your senses and transports you to the virtual world of Sword Art Online. Here, Kirigaya Kazuto (or Kirito as he names himself) begins playing when suddenly, the creator of this virtual reality reveals himself and announces that there is no “Logout” button and players are trapped in the game until it is cleared.
Although SAO appears to be of action centered category, it actually falls under the label of romance with action complementing it. The animation, scenery and overall setting of the series is very enjoyable, particularly season one. On a personal note, I did not find season two as enjoyable (JUST SKIP SEASON TWO, ITS HORRIBLE COMPARED TO ONE), nevertheless, I find it definitely worth suggesting.

Number Four: Angel Beats
A thirteen episode long series, Angel Beats is about letting go of past regrets and finding the strength to move forward into the unfathomable. Taking place in a school like setting, with an apparent monarch controlling the affairs and the working of the institute as well as keeping down rebellion posed by a group of students with a charismatic girl leading them. Oh, by the way, the students have all died and are in the school as a transitory period between lives.
Angel Beats is a short, heart touching anime where the personal stories and regrets of each student is explored, each having a sad or unfair life that they wish they could change somehow. The series is, at the same time, light and humorous with quite a bit of action now and then. To sum up, Angel Beats should definitely been on your bucket list of anime.

Number Three: Durarara
Also based on a light novel, Durarara revolves around the everyday lives of different people living in the city of Ikebukuro, all connected together in various strange ways along with a certain headless horsewoman, known as a Dullahan,  looking for her missing body part. Consisting of twenty five episodes, Durarara covers the first two volumes and is available in English dubbing.
Durarara has a very interesting and memorable cast of characters who can be easily related to, whether it’s the shy country boy Mikado who founded the city’s largest gang online, the outgoing and cheerful Masaomi who is hiding a deep dark secret of his past, or the pretty but anti social and dependent Anri who has a secret of her own to hide. Sorry but I can’t really describe any more without giving away the best parts. Overall, DRRR is a very enjoyable anime that would come under supernatural and somewhat every day life with lots of action-and flying convenience store trashcans!
Number Two: Shingeki No Kyojin
Translated to “Attack on Titan”, Shingeki no Kyojin (SnK) is only available in English subtitles as of now. Lasting twenty five episodes, SnK is about humanity trying its best to counter the relentless Titans, towering human shaped creatures with little or no intelligence and a fixed desire to consume humans. In an attempt to keep themselves alive, the remaining human population resides inside fifty feet tall walls that keeps titans out. But as all good things come to an end, the wall is breached and humanity is reminded of the terror of living under the rule of Titans.
Shingeki no Kyojin is an action packed series with some mildly disturbing violence, but with plenty of strong memorable characters. The series also looks into the terror of fighting a losing war, human limitation and corruption at the heart of civilization. Overall, Shingeki No Kyojin is a MUST WATCH because of the amazing animation and overall quality of production.

Number One: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Not as short as the other mentioned series, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB) is made up of sixty four episodes. Set in an alternate world where a major science studied is alchemy, main character Edward Elric (no, he doesn’t sparkle that much) and his brother Alphonse commit the ultimate taboo of alchemy: attempting to resurrect the dead. Paying a hefty price for trying to bring back their mother, the two brothers leave their small village to join the government of Amestris as State Alchemists (also known as the Dogs of the Military). In an effort to regain what has been lost, Edward and Alphonse find themselves mixed up in a deep dark conspiracy that began from before the country was even made!
Packed with action, FMAB may seem a little slow at first but quickly picks up the pace. The plot deals with several ideas like the repercussions of war on the victims and soldiers involved, conspiracies in the government, the struggle to correct these vices and how power is able to corrupt. I placed FMAB at the top of this list because it really makes you sit down and think about several issues since the series is more than relatable to our reality today.

These are the top five anime that I would suggest for you to watch. So waste no time! Watch these short (compared to Naruto and Bleach) animes and find yourself hooked for more! What animes made it on YOUR top five list?


  1. I agree, SAO season two STUNK. Ugh, what a disappointment.

    1. Totally. I heard they're going to make another season- "Gun Gale Online" where Kirito is a girl o.o


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