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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Butchering the English Language

I can't seem to study properly. I've been flipping through my notebooks, ticking things off in my head, referring back to the syllabus to find several portions I've never even heard of. I flip back to my latop and attempt to decipher these topics from the MCAT book I've got downloaded, but then I get tired of reading and I can't make up my mind on what exactly to study. Turn your head to the image at the right to get a clear idea of the situation I am trying to portray *failed Snape voice*.

I've tried alot of things. I tried playing Dragons Blade on and off but its just making me more stressed and down in the dumps, so I've put that away and decided to blog >__>. Well, let's start by a simple rant on my MCAT classes. First of all, I have English. And let me tell you, when I sit in that English class, I feel like I am an illiterate savage who butchers the English language every time I open my mouth. I mean, even though the teacher talks in Urdu like 90% of the time, he writes sentences on the board and I'm like, "nothing wrong there, man, 'sall good" and then he proceeds to take out lots of errors and gives them all sorts of fancy names I've never heard like... like I can't even remember right now. But I'll give you an example.

W: What is the time on your watch?
C: What is the time by your watch?
W: He is more stronger than any man living.
C: He is more stronger than any other man living.
W: The sun rises from the east.
C: The sun rises in the east.

I honestly can't ever completely agree with him. And that's starting to scare me a bit because I need a good grade on this test >.> and if my barbaric English is the cause of my failure than I am super lame. I'm going to have to find a solution to this problem. It's no good if I keep thinking that my English is good just because I can speak it fluently (like, omg what if I actually AM butchering the English language every time I open my mouth?! o.o).

Next is Chemisty which isn't so bad. After that is Physics which isn't so bad while it's happening (because everything apparently makes sense while the teacher is talking) but as son as you decide to turn your brain on and try it out for yourself thinking "omg lol physiks sho easy lef me twai" and then then... *deflated balloon sound*. After that is a test period.

Basically, you get these booklets and you're supposed to bubble in your answers (bubbling fun o3o) and then you get a test sheet which you do not get to keep >.> anyway, tests aren't that bad. I like bubbling. There's negative marking though, like if you get an answer right, it's 5 points and if you leave an answer its 0 points and if you get an answer wrong, its -1 points. I did my first test ever completely (no blanks) and I ended up with like 44/60 (which doesn't look so bad, but if you figure out your actual score with the scheme I outlined above, it's not good o.o) so then I decided to skip the questions I didn't know instead of randomly guessing it out. No significant improvement has been seen yet e.e

Sometimes, I have these random moments of teenage angstyness (is that a word? or am I at my butchering again >.> this spell check suggests the latter) where I'm like "omg I'm totally alone.. so alone.." and then I'm like "Nah, whateves man, its cool"

Well, I think that's enough rant for today. I'm going to try sleeping early for once >.> enough studying and obsessing over things I don't know till 12am.

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