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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wake Me Up When September Ends

September has not come out with a good start for me and I shall proceed to tell you why. I think this image here will surely explain it.
I gave my MCAT on the 31st of August and when you give the paper, you get to keep a carbon copy of your test and then you can calculate your marks from the answer key that would be released later that day.

I didn't think I gave a good paper, but I had my hopes, you know.

So when the answer key came out, my dad and I sat down to write down the answers and see how many I got right. So while we were checking, it looked like I did a pretty good test and that I had a chance at getting into a government college but then we sat down to calculate the actual marks and it came out to 67% which brings my aggregate marks to 75% (the 67% dragged my school grades of 83% down, or you could take it the other way around).

The only reason I didn't score so high was because I left A LOT of questions and it was because of the fear that the Academy I went to put in me. Out of 220 questions, I left 40 questions. That drags my total done questions from 100% to 80%. Out of these 220 questions, I got 27 wrong.

Because of this, and several other reasons, I decided to start another blog that would be mostly about studying tips and advice etc. Feel free to check it out here. The project is mostly aimed for students who are going for medicine and have done/are doing O or A Levels.

Anyway, I got a little depressed about this, because I am positive that I will not be able to get into a government college. The merit usually closes at around 83% and it would take a miracle to drag the merit down to my sorry 75%. 

But I've decided to get over it. I mean, how long will everyone talk about this failure? A week maybe? Besides, I don't have to really study anything anymore. There's just one official test left and I'm thinking about applying to FMDC (Federal Medical and Dental College) but they've closed their registration for now due to the dharna (sit in) Islamabad has been having for two weeks.

It's also great that Islamabad is having constant rain since this morning.
Well, I'm sorry for this shortened post, but that's all I've been wanting to say. Not a very bright or cheerful post, but I have a couple of things planned :) 


  1. Aww.. I'm very sorry to hear things went haywire.. Good luck with applying to FDMC :)

  2. I'm sorry about the test...I too really get upset when I do poorly on an exam.
    Anyways, I'm doing my a levels next year and so it's cool you're making a study blog!
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks :D I'll try to post tons of things on there, since I have lots of free time now <3

  3. Sorry about your test :l I understand how you feel. Good luck and I hope this month gets better for you!

    1. You do? ;n; I hope this month gets better too >.> Thanks for the consolation :D


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