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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Into My Mind

I thought I'd be a little creative with this post and try to let your guys see what kind of thoughts I have since they seem pretty strange -at times- to myself. I just go rambling on to myself, usually in front of a mirror and in the bathroom where my facial expressions are visible only to myself. Well, here goes xD

I'm standing in front of the mirror.

So my favorite kinds of genres would be fantasy with the hero who over turns society for the better or at least tries to- I find stories like that very interesting and easy to relate to. Better not mention any complex types of novels like 1984. Oh, I also like a Passage to India, I felt that it was a very well written novel, although it was rather long- hold on, I think a Passage of India would also be regarded as a complex novel. I have a feeling that book has too much symbolism, with all those cave echoes and what nots.

I walk out of the bathroom.

My dream was complex too, I mean it was weird. Why would a hospital guard even let me park my dinosaur in the basement parking? Weren't they afraid of it wrecking other people's private properties (cars)? Unimportant characters, seriously, even more idiotic than the dreams themselves.

I open my closet.

Oh there's that pencil with the icky holder. I wonder how it got sticky like that. I didn't even put it anywhere near glue or any other sticky things, better shove it in a corner where it can't spread it's disease. I should really try using those paints sometimes- such a waste. It would be nice to sit down and doodle around a bit now that I have so much time.

I leave the room.

So if I need to explain why I'm a doctor, I have exactly three reasons to state and out of the three, two are selfish reasons. But I'll start with the selfless reason first and that would be that I love helping people and I feel that being a doctor would be better for me because it gives an almost immediate effect on people and they are actually grateful to you. On the other hand, teachers are super helpful too and they have a much longer role in changing lives- but let's be honest, you're going to have to face the same kids for a whole year.

I go to the kitchen for a drink.

Okay and the selfish reason is that I'm rather afraid of dying so I'd like to know when I have a disease or complication before anyone else and be able to take first steps to counter it. And yes, that is super selfish if you ask me because it wouldn't benefit anyone and probably give me more stress. Wow, I'd be a wreck then, wouldn't I? Better not say that in the interview.

I take out my laptop.

What was the third reason? Hmm. Gah, I forgot the third reason. Mental facepalm. I should post on my blog more often. Wouldn't it be funny if I had a machine that could type down all the words I'm thinking? That would make things easier for me but, now that I think about it, it would be an awful lot of junk that the poor machine would be typing away at. I mean, who the heck cares about the blabbering my brain is doing. Well, it would be rather interesting, I suppose. Maybe I should make a blog post about this. I'll start with "I thought I'd be a little creative with this post and try to let you guys see what kind of thoughts I have..."


  1. Lol! This is hilarious! I also think a lot of random thoughts in my house and sometimes I would smile to myself because of my own imaginary conversations with other people. Super weird and creepy XD. I get embarrassed when my mom caught me smiling to myself ..

    1. Hahaha xD for me, it's my brother who's like "whatcha smiling about" and "tell me right now" and "TELL ME" so that's why I have to do a poker expression when I'm talking to myself xD

  2. Hahaha, your brain could be my brain's twin sister. Especially the dream part made me laugh.
    There's just so much to think about in this world. Why not think about it all at once?

    1. *twinsy high five* I seriously don't know what my brain thinks about when I'm not there xD I mean, dinosaurs? really? x)

  3. I love your blog- you're a great writer! I really laughed at this post, especially the icky pencil bit :) xx


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