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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunshine Award

I'd put this award on hold since I had an interview and stuff to worry about, but now that that's over (I don't want to talk about it just yet, so maybe I'll post about it later) and my nominator is going on hiatus, I thought I'd better upload this as soon as possible. So without further chit chat, I present to you a Sunshine Award I got from Whimsical Youngster.

The rules are fairly simple, all you have to do is post five facts about yourself and then answer five questions before tagging your own nominees and giving them a different set of five questions.(:

The ginormous Qmobile

  1. Just downloaded instagram (finally) and trying to figure out all the cool stuff it can do apparently xD
  2. I was carrying three cell phones yesterday, my cracked HTC HD7, a gigantic Qmobile and a Samsung Galaxy S. Three phones is an awful lot so I returned the Qmobile to my dad. The Galaxy S however, is a locked phone, but I've downloaded lots of apps that are faulty on the HD7 (windows phone) and am actually enjoying android. Might not be so bad switching to there.
  3. I have found my favorite DOTA 2 character- the Blood Seeker. My brother says I'm a terrible player and that I should just quit, but I think I can play best as the bloodseeker and actually get a couple of kills myself (otherwise, I'm usually just dying or tagging along with my team if they're good players. Both get me labelled as a "noob").
  4. This morning, my dad said I should take a course in statistics, which might be a good idea seeing as, whether I get into medical college or not, I'm literally free till December/January. He said that knowing statistics along with being a doctor makes you research oriented which is big plus since you can do more than just help patients- you could help on a wide scale since you'd be able to interpret data etc.
  5. I'm trying not to scribble too much on diary because I think I'll need it before the year comes to an end. And why would I need it? Well, that's a surprise that I'll share when it happens (:

Now for the question Whimsical Youngster asked.

Q) Favorite song and why?
Actually, I don't really listen to music so I don't exactly have a favorite song. The thing is, once I listen to a song, it's going to be in my head for a couple of days and I find that very annoying as well as distracting. Solution? Stopped listening (:

Q) Name one character trait which you wish to improve.
I think I'd like to improve my lack of confidence as well as my public speaking skills. I'm a very outgoing person, so if it's possible to NOT have to do it, I won't do it. But I guess if you push me to do it, I probably will but I won't give you the best performance possible. I think I'd like to change that part of myself. People don't really get to see what kind of a person I am until they get close, I can't seem to be able to present myself to a distant audience or person. Confidence, confidence.

Q) Are you a rain or sunshine sort of person?
Ohh, rain, definitely (:
Isn't this a beautiful GIF? Look at the candle and the rain o.o

Q) Name one hobby of yours.
I enjoy reading blogs (: I tend to jump from blog to blog and see what other people have to post about etc.

Q) What super power do you want to have?
Probably something like the Avatar from ATLA/TLOK.

Now, for my set of questions.

Do you like playing video games? Which kind do you play?
What aspect of you gets complimented the most?
What do you look forward to the most during your week?
What is your preferred mode of communication?
Board games vs Card games?

The first three to comment are officially nominated and I will add your names here and you'd better do this award or you will not get any cookies >.>

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