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Friday, August 8, 2014

Letters With Sparkly Surprises

OMGHIJKLMNOPQRS- Okay. I'm totally calm. This post will be a total jumble for many reasons so I'll just write the important things first and then elaborate (it won't look that way to you though >.>)


So I was typing a blogpost for a reason I will expand on in the next point. The bell rang and my brother went to check it and he's like "There's a package for you" and I was like "Okay bro" and internally I was like "ASDFHWWOAURVN" and then I went outside and the guy is like "Are you Kanra" and I'm like "Yeah" and he's like "Okay sign here" and I'm like *signs* and then he gives me the envelope and then I go inside and I close the door and I just stand there for a few seconds and I'm like.
Dude. What if I've failed?
And then I opened it and at first I got a little confused cause it was a letter and I thought I'd just get maybe a card that has gigantic text saying "CONGRATS YOU PASSED" or "CONGRATS YOU FAILED" but now I've realized that universities don't work that way.

^The Letter With The Sparkly Surprise


I don't think I've updated this bit, but we're going to Chitral tomorrow (Saturday) so that's why I'm busy typing up my book review posts to queue over the week.
I haven't packed anything yet. My mother says that three changes of clothes are enough and that I have to iron all three and fold it carefully and all the other travel stuff. I won't be taking my laptop along (there won't be any wifi) but I would be carrying my camera (which sadly, has a battery charger running on 120V whereas the mainsupply is 240V so I think the camera will be out of action before even half the journey/trip is done). I'll be taking my journal to record everything as well as a couple of books to study/read. Oh, that reminds me, I went to a book shop earlier this week and bought two books.

I've already finished reading Paper Towns and I'll probably taking A Passage to India with me.


This morning I went to RMC (Rawalpindi Medical College) with my dad with all my documents attested and all my photographs and everything ready and we got the form and sat in the auditorium until our number got called and then we got me registered. After that we went to Shifa and I waited until the driver came to pick me up. Meanwhile, some of the doctors there asked me about how my studying was going and if I was nervous about my upcoming result.

RIGHT! So I think that'll be all. I will most probably be without WiFi for about a week but I'll use my cellular data to update Twitter >.> So if you're interested in my road trip updates my username is @KanraTSK (It changes a lot >.> I think this is the third or fourth time I've changed it) and it goes by Catalina Blue. (Sorry if I'm confusing you. Kanra/Catalina will both suffice although I prefer Kanra)


  1. Wow! Congrats! A friend of mine got left behind by a mere 0.67% for AKU. WOW!
    Hey, have you tried Army Medical College (AMC), sorry I'm a forces guy :D
    I have "A passage to India", but it's all about history and I know I'll forget it so why read? How's the other book?

    1. I didn't bother applying to AMC (NUST) because 1. The test is held three times a year in ISB so whoever really wants to get in would have probably already gotten in 2. Its an army college so civillians with an army background (which I don't have) would be greatly preferred 3. I haven't studied FSc so I was going to flunk the test anyway.
      I'll write what I think about them in another post.

  2. Congratulations! :D And I wish universities would just send cards saying "YOU PASSED! Proceed to the next level with confidence." Or "YOU FAILED. Try again later."

    1. THANK YOU xD
      I knowww lol but I guess unis like being super adult-ish and stuff >.>

  3. Congratulations! Haha that little Kanra card you held in front of your name though! ^_^ Did you like Paper Towns? I was told it wasn't that good.

    I nominated you for a Fifty Facts About Me post (which you can view here)! Hope you'll do it when you come back from Chitral!

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

    1. Yasmine ;n; I came back from Chitral right on the second day- we didn't even reach there and omg ;n; I'll explain later >.>


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