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Friday, August 22, 2014


I don't know if this shows up on your news feed or news channel or whatevers but Pakistan is currently having a revolution which is... not exactly a revolution. Basically, there's this guy called Imran Khan who won us the Cricket world cup some decades ago and now he's here to try winning us a Democracy cup (cause yknow, Pakistan looks like it's either run by families who take turns on the seat of power, or the military). Now, let's get this clear, I don't have much to say against Imran Khan because honestly, he seems pretty cool most of them time, but that was until he decided to bring this "inqilaab".

[Inqilaab means revolution]

This was brought about by the Azadi (Freedom) March which was around the 14th of August which is also Pakistan's Independence Day. Of course, at first we thought it would fun and games, a march on Independence Day and more festivity and nationalism and patriotism and all the other isms that suddenly makes us emotional slaves of our country for those precious 24 hours of the year where EVERYONE decides to take a selfie in green and tag it as #OMGIHEARTPAKISTAN and #ILOVEMYCOUNTRY while the rest of the year its something like #IwishIlivedinUSA or #PakistanIsSoLame or whatever. I'm not judging this bit, but what I AM judging is how this day got mixed up with Imran Khan's march and suddenly, it wasn't "Happy Independence Day"- it was "Azadi! GO PTI!!"

[PTI is Imran Khan's political party, it stands for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, or Pakistan Movement for Justice]

Like, excuse me. What? WHAT?!

And you know what was even more unforgivable? It was how Imran Khan was suddenly equated with Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. If you ask my opinion, I haven't seen Imran Khan do anything as good on such a large scale as what Jinnah did- he cannot be even placed parallel to Jinnah.

I think I'll say this again, I don't have a problem with Imran Khan. But I don't have a problem with John Green and TFIOS either- but I just didn't get the hype about them. Same with Imran Khan. My newsfeed is FLOODED with #ILoveImranKhan and #ImranKhanIsMyLeader but honestly, he has been sitting in the capital of this country for almost a week now (maybe less, but the city HAS been semi-locked down for a week) and he hasn't got anything to show for it except for tons of biased updates where people are like





The thing is, Imran Khan has the support of all the wrong people. He has the undying support of the youth- more than half of which can't even legally vote yet. They'll all come out in the streets and party and go wild and have fun, but they can't give him their votes because they DONT HAVE IT TO BEGIN WITH.

Oh, while we talk about Imran Khan's youth support, I want to bring up the immaturity of his fans. The things I see, posted proudly by underage Imran Khan fangirls and fanboys mind boggles me. I cannot fathom how such young minds can jump from supporting Imran Khan to deciding to take matters into their own hands and insulting people of the opposite party.

Photo: Hopefully,I am not disturbing her :')


"Hopefully I am not disturbing you, lady with the make up"

"We don't like you AT ALL"

"When you ran away to get married, didn't baldy say anything?" 

"Why don't you run away with someone again, and take baldy with you?"

"You are so lame"

"BTW. You ran away and got married, right? Awww :p If the Prime Minister can't get his daughter to listen to him, how can he expect the same of his nation?"

[Ganjay, or baldy refers to the current Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif]

I think it's fine if you tweet to the person things like "I don't think you should comment on this" or "I don't support you" or "I don't agree with your stances" but it's a completely different story if you decide to drag in that person's personal life and mix it up with their politics and then spew it out venomously- especially if you're underage and don't even have a vote.

Let's take away the political affiliations from the example I quoted above. Instead of a bunch of PTI supporters insulting the married daughter of the Prime Minister, it can also be seen as harassment a woman has to face from children a decade- if not more- junior to her. Blatant display of discourtesy to elders- something that is not respected in Islam.

On top of that, it's also against Islam to speak so foully against another person. And since Imran Khan is also marching around Islamabad saying things about Iman (faith) and being Muslims and stuff, I seriously expected better behavior from both, his online fan club and the fan club present at the march (the latter fan club has been seen to be enjoying the concerts set up to entertain them as well as dancing along in shameless ways).

I tried explaining this to the person who was so proudly displaying this on their timeline by commenting about it. I immediately got a private messaging saying "You didn't need to comment that" and instant removal of it (my comment, not the post in question).

This new generation, I swear, is the most jaahil generation I have ever had the fortune to meet. 

Let's talk about the March. It has been almost a week and Imran Khan's demands seem to be getting crazier and crazier. He wants the current PM to step down and he has already declared himself as the Prime Minister of Pakistan ("Prime Minister Imran Khan will never lie to you!"). Can we talk about how wrong this is on so many levels?

First of all, Nawaz Sharif has only done one year of his term. If he does step down, doesn't Imran Khan realize that this would boost Nawaz Sharif's chance at getting hold of the PM seat again? Why? Well, firstly because 1. Nawaz Sharif has NEVER completed a term 2. He can always blame Imran Khan and say "The nation owes me another chance at fixing this country" 3. When Imran Khan messes up, Nawaz Sharif would be like "HAHA LOL I TOLD YOU IMRAN KHAN WAS NOTHING- MAKE ME PM AGAIN GUYS!"

Imran Khan should have waited till the next election before trying to display his strength as a political leader- he should have tried to become the Prime Minister in the "democratic" way- the same way he is fighting for right now. Not only would the remaining four year increase his vote bank as more fanboys and fangirls become legal, but he could also try harder to win the votes of the older population by actually doing something with the province he has won through the last election. I personally think it is hypocrisy- him demanding Nawaz Sharif to step down early and at the same time, demand democracy. It seems everyone loves using the word democracy when it means YOU get the chance to sit on the seat.

Last but not least, Pakistan has much more important problems to deal with right now, much more important than an accused feudal Prime Minister who has only done one year of his term. Pakistan has national debts, a failing economy, terrorism, health issues, power issues, security issues and growing intolerance among its people for minorities. It seems to me that Imran Khan is being used as a decoy to ensnare the attention of the masses and to keep the media busy from reporting the actual dangers Pakistan is currently facing. (Quite possibly a cover to get General Musharaf out of the country and safe from the punishment his nation wants to see inflicted on him).

May Allah protect this country from those who seek to destroy it from within.


  1. I agree with you completely. I'm not commenting on IK's moves. I'm just praying that the country gets out of this turmoil. The increase in debts is due to NS though. He is ripping the country off. If IK kept going like this and if there is loads of civil unrest, military might come back which we don't want. I hope NS does steps down. And TuQ disappears. And the youthiyas disappear. They are so annoying. I want a fair and transparent government. But it seems like as if that's too much to ask for.

    1. Lots of people are of the opinion that a military regime might reappear :(
      But in my household, everyone is bitterly disappointed with Imran Khan.

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm praying for your country's situation to improve >.<

    1. Thank you, I think that's very sweet of you to do so :)

  3. Hope Pakistan is alright...My country, Indonesia, recently announced who its president was and the Junior College Camp in school had to be postponed to another date because the school feared riots ... yeah, presidential and governement matters can be messy ><. There seems to be a lot of political complications these times.

    1. Super messy. I don't understand why these matters have to disrupt civilian life so much D:

  4. Well, God bless Pakistan.

    Oh and you asked me what was I studying, on my blog.
    I'm studying Business Administration.

  5. Hi Catalina, I just nominated you for the Liebster award in my blog :D. Hope you can visit!

  6. Politics is ruining a lot of countries mine included.


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