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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I've been meaning to write for a while now, but alot of things had cropped up. For starters, the revision plan I've chalked out don't really leave out time to write blogposts, especially with my being online on Dragon's Blade which is starting to also get mildly annoying and aggravating at times. I'm thinking about setting a specific day where I sit down and type a blogpost. A deadline blogpost a week. Thursday sounds good. Although I know I'll probably be shifting the day around to whenever I feel like it.
Right, where was I...
Oh, so we had a random discussion on parent relationships today. Like how alot of us look at our parents and then at other parents and say "I wish mine were like theirs". Many children probably think that of their parents, not on all aspects, but definitely for some. Such aspects include the emotional side of a relationship, for example hugging etc while others include the casual side, for example listening out instead of jumping to immediate conclusion in that fussy parent way.
If I was to talk about myself, I'd say I was raised up excellently in the sense that I was brought up to love books and to value education and to always strive to do my best and that is probably why I'm doing so good in my academics. This is something that I really love about my upbringing. On the other hand, there is no aspect of frank friendship or much hugs. However, after listening to what other people think they lack in their relationship, I don't feel so bad for myself anymore. I mean, so my parents aren't as close as I'd like them to be, but at least they aren't close that way to someone totally out of immediate family! When I think about that kind of situation (which, surprisingly, seemed pretty common) I feel really upset and helpless because there's nothing much you can really do to change that.
This discussion started out with us complaining about being bored and ended with us complaining of being depressed. Very, very, very much uncalled for. 

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