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Sunday, February 2, 2014

SIST 2014

~Cover for this year~

So like every year, we had the Shifa Inter Scholastic Tournament again. Like every year, it was amazing. 
I didn't stay for the lectures on the first day though. I wasn't feeling so well, but anyway, I did stay for the second. The lectures were all really good, first (on Sunday) was Ayesha Khattak's followed by Dr Kanwal Kaisser's and then went back to the main hall to find Adnan Rashid having his own lecture. The halls were jam packed and it was hard to find a seat. His lecture is probably the only one I didn't listen to properly.
~Lilly's entry in the Art-on-the-Spot Contest~

After that came some other lectures which included Dr Idrees, Raja Zia ul Haq and Imran ibn Mansur among them. There were also lots of stalls set up there, for food, clothing (abayas and scarves) and books as well. On the side, all entries for calligraphy, poster and art-on-the-spot were put up for display. Here are some pictures of them.

Overall, it was amazing and I'm motivated! *_*

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