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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Absolute Randomosity

Today has been such a crazy day at school. It started off with standing during maths class. The teacher had asked us to bring past papers to class but I'd forgotten and so did half the class. So we were all asked to stand up. Meanwhile, my friend Lilly walks by and she sees me standing and she's like *thumbs up*.
Me: *mouthing* Don't get too full of yourself!
The next thing I know, she's back with Nyu and Zai and they take a picture of us standing. BUT they had the flash on so the math teacher was like- what was that and leaves the classroom to go find them. During this time, we all just burst out laughing because almost all of the smart students were the ones standing up.
Afterwards, we found out the teacher had gone to grill them and was like-
Him: Where's the camera?
Zai: I don't have a camera-
Him: *points to his eyes* I have two right here and I saw, okay?
After biology we went to the gym upstairs. We means me, Lilly, Sam and Maha and Ill. (Sorry I'm just making up lots of random code names because you know. Codes are cool). And somewhere there, started the discussion of getting married and Lilly's like, Kanra's not going to get married any time soon.
Me: You saying I can't get married? *pretend to be mad*
Lilly: Yeah! *laughing*
Me: Oh yeah? What makes you say that?
Lilly: Because you won't like any guy and no guy will like you
Me: Oh really! Don't make me actually try, bro!
And then later, after school we were sitting together and I said to her Sooo Lilly, what's up?
Lilly: I'm fine, how about you?
Me: I'm good too.
Lilly: And you're kids?
Me: They're good too.
Me: ...
Me: Hold on, you just killed all my hopes of ever having kids.
Lilly: *laughing again* I was just kidding, you'll get married! to a deaf guy!
Me: A deaf guy?
Lilly: Yeah, so he doesn't hear you going on and on bukbukbuk.
Me: I do NOT talk on and on-
Lilly: Besides, you'll probably get married to an American convert.
Me: I doubt that. I'm not very pretty and-
Lilly: You're pretty okay. Besides, simple girls like you are prettier.
Lilly sometimes says the most randomest things ever that really make you feel like, yeah there's still some hope for me. She's a great friend. Even with all the teasing.
Oh yeah, I forgot one other incident. during chemistry, the teacher was busy setting up multimedia so Lilly, Ill and Sam started singing in the back ground and they were going pretty good when suddenly, the teacher looks up and he's like "Is there a Pakistan Idol going on?" which cracked up the entire class.
Today was really funny. Alot of interesting things happened today and I wouldn't mind if every day had it's little bundle of fun and joy and friendship.

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