Monday, December 12, 2016

What I Expected in Youtube Rewind 2016

I just finished watching Youtube Rewind and I'm going to be straight up honest with you; it was horrible. I didn't recognize anything at all. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was just a bunch of random things put in that did not reflect 2016 at all.

The 2015 Youtube Rewind was much better! Before I get started on 2016, watch the 2015 one (if you haven't). It's really nice!

I can actually recognize people in here? There's Lilly Singh and Miranda Sings and Lindsey Stirling and the JUST DO IT meme! And I actually knew about the Nae Nae song xD The whole video was overall really happy and catchy! And Markiplier was in it too with his Five Nights at Freddys (probably my most favorite segment of it?) as well Pewdiepe (how can he not be in a Youtube Rewind, he's literally the face of Youtube, the biggest channel there is...). I also saw the mic drop reference there, the ALS challenge reference, . I mean seriously, this video made so much sense in terms of what Youtube was doing in 2015.

Anyway, let's move on to 2016...

All I recognized from this video was
- The Rock. Why is he even in this rewind though. Is it cause of Moana? I don't know!
- Pokemon Go
- Pine apple pen
- Mannequin Challenge, dabbing
- Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Lilly Singh, Trevor Noah, that 21 pilots guy.
That's it. That's all I recognize.

Here are five things that should have been in this year's Youtube Rewind:

5) Donald Trump
No, for real. All of 2016, EVERYONE was talking about the American elections and making videos on Donald Trump. How is this not in the Youtube Rewind?? You'll put Alpha Cat pretending to be Barack Obama in the 2012 Rewind but you can't put all the people who tried to look like Donald Trump and talk like Donald Trump throughout Youtube, whether they were talk show hosts (you put Trevor Noah in there!!) or other Youtubers. Well ok. Whatever floats your boat.

4) 2016 Movies
No one mentioned Star Wars? What about Marvel? Or DC? There were a ton of movies that came out that every one had been really excited for! What about Finding Dory! Not a single movie reference anywhere. I mean come on, everyone will be remembering 2016 as the year of Civil War in terms of cinematics, right?

3) But
No reference to all the videos spamming everyone's feed like "The Bee Movie But every time someone says Bee, we show you a meme" or "We Are Number One But a crusader edition" or something like that. No reference to this at all. Even though it's been flooding Youtube. Nice.

2) The End Of Vines
Now I personally don't watch vines very much, but come on. Everyone's heard of Thomas Sanders, right? He's got the nicest vine videos! His main platform was vine and of course, he shifted to Youtube later. But the point is: YouTube rewind will put in Damn Daniel, but not Thomas Sanders? This is an unfair representation of vine's end (if that's what they were trying to get at). And if they put in Damn Daniel just for the meme, there were lots of other better memes in 2016. Like the kermit meme. Or Harambe. Or Joe Biden and Obama.

1) Youtube Drama
There was so much Youtube drama and I am honestly very surprised it wasn't mentioned at all! Not even a little bit! There was no mention of Leafy, Keemstar, iDubbz or GradeA. There was no mention of the "roast yourself" challenge or the whole "diss track" thing that was running all of 2016. So yes, this was really disappointing. I'd been watching these videos and wondering how they would show up in the rewind, but they didn't show up at all? This, apart from everyone complaining about Youtube's 'new' algorithm was all that everyone ever was talking about on Youtube!

I THINK I KNOW WHY THIS REWIND HAS SUCH AN APOLOGETIC SONG NOW. Why else would you constantly have "Oh oh did I let you down? Is it too late to say sorry now?" play through out your rewind video? Oh is it because you knew you dun goofed even before you wrote the script? Or is it because you jumped on the mainstream band wagon of "2016 has been a horrible year"? Either way, I'd been waiting for this rewind since 2016 started and I am honestly, kind of disappointed.

What are your thoughts about Youtube Rewind 2016? Have a nice day!


  1. I agree with you 100%! This year's Rewind was terrible! I personally didn't understand the dilapidated building theme either! They definitely need to up their game next year.

    Also, I think 'The Rock' was in there because he started his own Youtube Channel this year. But who knows, overall IT WAS A MESS!!


  2. Okay on first sight I got really excited when I saw the video, for some reason Rewind always motivates me to work harder in the new year. But yeah, then I started thinking about it. I didn't get many of the references either. Bottle flip and 100 layers, yes, but I feel like 2016 had so much more than just that. To be completely honest, this Rewind makes 2016 look empty. That's actually pretty stupid considering how much has happened. I mean, so many big names passed away and we only got a few seconds of someone pretending to be David Bowie. Apart from that, I didn't like the music. Not because I disliked the tracks they picked, but they mixed them up too much. Last year was better, when every segment had one or two songs at max instead of this weird mess. Rant over :P

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  3. I was just over the moon because Liza was featured in it aha! Lovely post x
    Morgan //

  4. I really like the way you draw images of what you read in the text to support your ideas.


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