Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My 2016 Blogging Routine!

Alright I'll admit it. I'm not the most organized person out there, despite how organized I may look. I do keep a planner and I do make lists. Unfortunately, most of the tasks I set for myself are not completed- the same can be said for my blogging routine. My routine for blogging is haphazard and hasty to say the least but I think I've got a decent grip on things and that's what I'll be sharing with you all today.

What materials I need when I blog:

I'm that one person who carries around a pouch filled with the brim with colorful pens- colorful in appearance as well as when it comes to ink. I can't help it, I need my stationary arsenal to study properly with and so of course I need a blogging arsenal too, right?
My blogging notebook has doodles, occasional notes, drafts and vague lists of blog ideas. Recently, I've turned it into an art journal of sorts.
My pens. I have special pens for each occasion. The pen I wrote this blogpost with is a pen I got from the CRASH 3 trial- I love it because it's red! And red is my favorite color!
Paints and paintbrushes. The latest addition to my blogging arsenal! I've found that painting tends to clear my mind and puts my in the right frame of mind I need to work! A good 20 minutes of painting lets me focus on important tasks afterwards whether its studying or drafting a blog post. It's for this reason that I've also started painting in the pages of my blogging journal- peace of mind AND aesthetics! Two birds with one stone!
My laptop. How can any blogger survive without their laptop? It is here that you can google up interesting fasts, pictures and quotes to add to your blog post, not to mention the use of picmonkey to create text graphics for your post. I also tend to keep Youtube open in another tab and have one of Markiplier's videos on play.
Phone/Carl the Camera. If you can take your own relevant pictures for the post, well, why not?! I personally find myself keeping Carl ready on stand by, sitting on a stack of textbooks where I can easily pick him up to snap a couple of pictures with, mostly when it comes to art posts, such as this post on truck art or this one on water colors.

My schedule is usually like this.

Scribble down ideas I get every few days. I often end up thinking about why I can't think of any ideas on the other days. It's a bit of a cycle, really.
Start drafting. I paint myself a catchy title to motivate myself to continue.
Take relevant pictures and edit them.
Open blogger and start writing.
Add pictures when I get tired of typing.
Press publish!
Realize that you're a day late on your blogging schedule.

What's your blogging routine? How do put yourself in the mood to blog? 


  1. Hey there! I am also having the same problems (backlogs, a lot!) but a friend of mine suggested this app he's using: JOURNEY (available free both in iTunes and Google Play for androi). It's easy to use and you can easily jot down ideas everyday! Plus it has reminders! :D

    1. Oh, awesome! I'm definitely going to download this app and see how it goes!
      Although personally, I really really like the feeling of writing things down on paper, but the reminders option is unfortunately not available xD

  2. I really don't have one! I used to, but now I just write a post either heavily in advance so I can chill for a few weeks or in a rushed panic because I'm not meeting my schedule. I also don't actually write my ideas down, because the way I personally see it is that if I can't remember my idea, it can't have been that good anyway.

    One World, Too Many Pages

    1. That's not true! There are moments where I think "oh what a great idea that is! I would definitely remember it!" and only twenty minutes later I'm trying to walk down the same path of thoughts again so I can reach the conclusion I had reached before xD It's often very aggravating and I end up berating myself for not writing things down!

  3. I usually blog when I have inspiration instead of forcing myself to, that usually helps!

    I'm also commenting to inform you that I have moved my blog to one with a more suitable name and design. I would be more than grateful if you would like to resubscribe and come along with me!

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Aw alright! Definitely going to follow :D

  4. I loved this one! I laughed a lot for the fact that you call your camera Carl,I should name mine too.I have a blogpost on what happens after I hit publish but my blog ideas come spontaneously and I usually write them down on my phone immediately before I forget what the idea was xD I haven't had a writers block yet phew.
    Sending love from the pastel pink planet,

    1. Oh lucky you! I often find myself at a writer's block quite too often! That's one reason why I have decided to squeeze out as many post ideas as I can while I have inspiration running so I can use them when I have no fresh ideas. I hope you never have to experience writer's block! It can be quite depressing sometimes xD

  5. Colorful pens-- yes. I carry around way to much art supplies everywhere.

    1. That's a good thing! You never know when the art inspiration will hit! One must always be prepared ;)

  6. You actually have a routine. Lol I literally just sit down, pick a topic, and just write a blog. No prep, no draft, nothing. My rough draft and my final draft are all the same.

    1. Ah you're one lucky blogger then! My mind blanks out when I open blogger or I just lose motivation to get the words from my head to the keyboard. So that's why I write it down so I can force myself to get things done!
      To each their own :)


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