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I thought about sharing some personal things about myself today, particularly, about where I live and the friends I made. If you don't know yet, Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Although it's my location, I wouldn't exactly say I'm "from" here. Usually, when people talk about belonging to a place, it usually means that they've been living in that area for a very very long time. I've only been here for about five years and during this duration, I have probably not even gone out to see half the places worth going to.

We moved here in the summer of 2009 (this year's summer will make it six years) into a house not so far away from my grandmother's place. Once we were here, the hunt for a school began. My mother's cousin suggested the very school I went to, but my parents wanted to check out all out options. I found myself visiting a few schools and giving exam papers and waiting for results to see if I could be accepted or not.

I'll be honest, I failed most of those. The education style of Islamabad was different from Karachi. The main reason I failed was because this was the first time in my life that I had been handed a fat stack of papers and told that I had three hours to do everything.

Three hours?! my brain wailed. I've never even sat that long in class!

(You can imagine the rest, me flipping through papers and ending up skipping half the questions just to get out within 2 hours)

Even though my performance wasn't the best, I was accepted into a local high school and I remember that it was raining the first day. I remember who talked to me first and who I was seated next to in class. Apart from that, nothing much. The years passed by really quickly and I was in the senior most class in 2011 with three friends I regularly hung out with.

The thing about me is that I thought it was pretty cool that I could count the number of friends I actually had on my fingers. I thought it meant I could pick out what kind of people were best for me and that I had a great dynamic going on with whoever I got along with. This meant that I wasn't okay with going out of my way to make friends with new people.

As all stories go, I had to learn my lesson.

After graduating from high school, it was time to apply to an institution that had A Levels. After searching and gathering several prospectuses, we (the four of us) settled into a small, all girls school and were eager to start 'college' life together- until one of us decided to switch cliques.

Like I said, I wasn't okay with going out of my way to make new friends. And I wasn't okay when a close friend decided to go for someone else's company. It was wrong of me to feel betrayed, but I guess that was the wake up call for the remaining three of us. We had to stick together even more than before to make up for the gap in between and that's what happened.

Until someone else walked out in second year. (you know who you are)

If you asked me, instead of fraying our friendship, events like these simply changed the dynamics. Back in school, we used to call each other and talk for hours. In first year, we dropped the calling and stuck to in person chatting. After that came the time when we just sent the occasional text to each other. And now's the time where the three of us are in our own, separate institutions, studying for different degrees and walking down different career paths.

I like to think that our friendship has become something that's so there, it doesn't need to be called out anymore. We don't need to call and talk for hours. We don't need to text every day. We don't even see each other for months, but we know we're right here and that if either of us needs something, we'll be right there. I like how I don't even know what you guys are up to most of the time, but that I can strike up a conversation and we can be at it for hours, cracking our old inside jokes and making new ones.

I think that's beautiful. Don't you?

What do you think about friendships? Do they change in nature as we grow up?

I ran out of creativity when the time to color dresses came. Sorry :P 


  1. This is such a good post! Friendships can be so difficult, a friend that you think you would have forever can change the next day. But that being said, you can meet so many wonderful new people, too! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. The dynamics of my friendships have changed so much, and I haven't even left secondary yet. People I knew in primary I only pass in the corridors now, even friends I've made since I started secondary I've grown away from, it's strange. Great post!
    Eve @ Pen and Key

  3. Amazing work Kanra!
    I went through this phase as well when I began college.In 11-12th I had made new friends they were really amazing and we got along so well.Now we all study in different colleges and are busy with our own lives and made new friends but when we talk or hang out it's like nothings changed.It feels amazing :)

  4. It is sad sometimes when you aren't as close with someone that you once used to be with. I was just thinking about it a few days ago. Even though you aren't friends like you were before, you could always be there for them when they need you. Maybe it's even for the better. You will eventually come to know even more amazing people :)
    Great post!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  5. I can relate to this so well! Sadly we all have different paths in life, that's the way it's meant to be :l

    1. Wow, never thought of it like that....makes it kinda of cool. Hahaha

  6. Can I just ask why the hell I wasn't subbed to your blog? Anyway...yeah, I think friendships change. I used to have 3 best friends in middle school, who were my first real friends ever. Until, I moved out of the country and they continued to go to school. They've finished high school now, 5 years later and none of them talk to each other. We're all different now and the only thing I have to hold onto are my old memories of us.

    I hate it but it happens.

    ~ ^___________^

  7. And the blog layout is so cute! Especially that drawing of you! ^______________^

  8. I actually can relate to that soo much. I have only one best friend and we both took different paths in studies and we don't call or meet too much each other but when we do we talk for hours!!


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