Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015!

AssalamuAlaikum ^^.

It's May!! It'll be my birthday in a few days, I'm so excited and yet, I'm not! I'll be at the very last year of my teens and then I can't play the "angsty teenager" card D: and I'm going to have to be an adult D:

But before we have a nervous breakdown on teenagers and adults, I'll be recapping what I did in April!

Here are the posts I wrote for this month:
Notebook Entries #2
Tokyo Ghoul: An Anime Review
Guest Post: Scholars in School

Here are the pages from my planner:

Is it just me or did the quality mess up? Oh well.

Here are some April photography

See how many things you can find.
There's a chocolate box, an upside Apple and my house keys in a corner. Oh- and a plastic ball with earrings inside it.

Draw on your foot if the book doesn't make sense.

I took a photograph of the letter Birdie sent me.

Found an old Pakistan Studies project that my brother hijacked; see below

How crudely hijacked ;_;

Rained in Islamabad in this last week of April!

I haven't written many journal entries this month- but I'll try writing more in April and then posting both of the segments together.

So how did your April go?


  1. Your bone drawing is so cool! Also, my birthday's coming up soon too, when's yours? :)

  2. Although I hate people using pen on their bodies to doodle but that bone sketching on your feet is so awesome! :D
    Fun way to study is what it is :)
    I used ti hijack my sisters projects all the time xD (But I used to remove the page with her name and add a new one :P)

  3. That's seems to be a great way to remember or understand something xD

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  4. Happy early birthday! Treasure these next few days because being an adult sucks!


  5. Waalaikumusalam, Kanra. :) My April was pretty busy, actually. I've read your posts about Tokyo Ghoul and the guest post on Scribbles of Joy, which was really funny :) I just read the Notebook Entries one, and I must say your notes are so neat and organised. I also recognised the action potential graph from A Level Biology too, haha. I miss learning that. And the drawing on your foot is so cool, its great that you're making use of such a creative way to learn things in med school. :)

    By the way, I've just tagged you for the Liebster Award. You might have already done it before or have been nominated before, so it's totally fine if you don't wish to complete it again. Have a lovely day. :)

  6. Oh, I love all of your photos! I hope that you had a good April, and that your May is even better ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. April was a roller coaster for me, geez. But I'm glad the days are getting shorter and I'll be able to move on already. I have plans.
    I missed reading your posts so much, CB!<3 And I was a bit jealous when I saw your planner and notes, makes me want to study something. Where did you get your planner, anyway?

    ~Tudda Pudda ^___________________^ We need to talk more.


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