Sunday, April 12, 2015

Notebook Entry #2


I got a lot of positive feedback when I posted pictures of my notebook, so I thought I could post some more pictures while I hadn't really thought of a solid blogpost to write yet. I hope to be writing something special in this upcoming week though. Till then, take a second look at my notebook :)

I have this obsession with themed posts having a header.

The classification of types of cartilage- based on histology, function, locations and miscellaneous differences.

Conduction of nerve impulses via Action Potential!

A table differentiating between Graded Potentials and Action Potentials.

Currently writing up lecture notes about bones ^^.

A common question that might pop up is "how do you make these notes?". Well, basically, I take the various books I have (half of which are virtual) and skim through the chapter, looking for tables and charts especially. Those are the best. Then I'll summarize as much as I can while adding little details that I found new or interesting. And then, when I need to study, out come the highlighters! I haven't revised my notes yet, so that's why they look clean right now :)

Have a great week! ^^.


  1. Wow, you notebook looks amazing! This really inspired me to be more organized ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Is this for med school? Looks difficult...

  3. The title font *__* I'm always amazed at how neat your notes are!

  4. Huge respect. I can't even remember where my notes are....

  5. So neat! And my notes go bleh after five minutes...I need to be more like you :D


  6. Your notes makes all other notes look fat and ugly :P
    Look the watermark on each photograph :)

  7. You write amazing notes! Love your writing! I type all of mine because my writing is awful!



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