Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dealing with Stress


I need to find a pet name for my readers too- the way Bryleigh has "Blossoms" and other bloggers use the ever favorite "lovelies". I was thinking about "Hullo friends!" but that sounds way too cheerful to suit me. I'll think of something soon. (How about "Hey there, Guardians" LOL)

Anyway- let's talk about stress. It's a natural coping reaction many of us face when we feel like we can't handle anything or if we're being overwhelmed. It's not exactly a positive coping reaction, but it's a warning shot that tells us to slow down. In a way, it's a lot like pain. Even though pain hurts and we don't like it, it's still a protective function of our body.

Can you see my wonderful drawing and artistic capabilities :D
Yes, that's a hijabi in the background.
So how do we deal with stress? I'm going to categorize stress into three things. Short term stress (like when you suddenly realize you forgot your assignment and you have to 'fess up to the teacher), not-that-long-of-a-term stress (like when you have a week's pile of homework to get through) and long term stress (like finances of the month).

I'm honestly going say this straightforwardly, I am extremely lacking in the first category. I take so much stress on the smallest things and have a tendency to develop full-blown panic attacks where I'm completely frozen and my mind just stops functioning and I'm just praying for the day to be over so I could be back in the safety of my home where no one can unbalance me again.

But. I think I can handle not-that-long-of-a-term stress pretty well. This is the stress you get when you get tons of reading assignments, have a couple of extra activities going on and find yourself wasting precious time. The result? You're beating your head against the wall and wasting even more time thinking about the time you've already wasted!

So here's a list of a couple of things I do when I'm faced with a gigantic to-do-list and a ticking clock!

1. Back off and breath. Push your books and phone away and take out your planner. Write down everything you need to do and figure out how much time you actually have. Divide your work in chunks and tick them off as you go along.

2. Feeling overwhelmed and can't focus? Go take a nice long hot shower and just think about how good you feel. Relax and destress yourself. It'll help you focus later.

3. Halfway through your work and feel your brain dying on you? Revive it with a nice cup of coffee! (or tea, whichever you prefer). This method works pretty well for me- when I'm on a roll and feel my battery draining, coffee puts me right back on track without totally disrupting the flow.

4. Can't study for that test because there's too much left that you haven't done? Close your book and go to sleep. Don't stay awake all night studying- it's not going to be worth it. Honestly, having a good nights sleep is better than spending the next day entirely disoriented, grumpy and mildly depressed because you decided that a test was more important than your well-being.

5. Tell someone how you feel. I'm not a very feelsy person, so I tend to either rant in my journal or rant to Birdie about what's going on. Complaining might not help your overall situation, but once you see your feelings written or typed out, they don't seem as gigantic as they feel. You'll probably pick yourself up afterwards and say "Thank God that's out of my system. Let's get back to work."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I manage the not-that-long-of-a-term stress! I might not use all of these techniques all of the time- but I try my best to handle what tasks are thrown at me and this list is what I drew up from my experience.

How do you deal with this kind of stress?


  1. I usually watch an episode of Friends but this week I've been going on Twitter to deal with stress. :P

  2. This is a great post that coincidentally has come just after I've had an especially stressful week at school. These tips are great, especially the shower one. I never really thought of doing that in the middle of homework but it must be a great way to really relax without taking too much time away from your work. I shall be using some of these! :)

  3. I would sleep or tell someone about it :) Also, listen to soothing music or read a book :D

  4. This is such a great post! I'm stressed all of the time, so these tips are super helpful for me ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. Praying is the best de-stress activity ^_^ Keeps your heart at ease and makes you feel things are all in Allah's hands. then yup, follow what you all said haha

    Except for coffee-- I love coffee @_@ But I am forbidden to take them for the whole month! huhu ~~Stressed LOL

  6. I am going through the most stressful time of my life right now and I panic and then deal with it. Its hard thats for sure!


  7. Waalaikumusalam, Kanra. Thank you for sharing methods on how to deal with stress. I could really use all of them. I usually use number 3 and 5, the one about drinking tea and the one about talking to someone about it. I'm not sure if number 4, sleeping, is the best method for me because I often end up taking really long naps and not being productive at all, haha. Love the drawing of the stressed hijabi in the background too. :)

  8. I usually study during the night and when I have a lot to study I take power naps in between. Helps me all the time. Music helps me though to de-stress myself.
    Coffee on the other hand has been giving up on me. I now tend to fall asleep as soon as I drink it :/

    -Kathie K

  9. I actually don't suffer from a lot of stress, but when I got down to your suggestions, I realized I already do most of them so that I WON'T be stressed! So, I guess they work! :D Still, I think you nailed down some really good reasons as to why we get stressed and what we can do about it. Nice work! :)

  10. Hot shower, yeah that's a really Relaxing Thing. I love it. (: I'm an offical Person who takes Long and hot showers. Your ideas are really helpful. when i have stress, not important if ist before a test or with friends, There is always any Person who could give to me a smile and that means a lot to me, because of if you aren't motivated for something, it's unimportant you can't work.
    Sorry because of ´my bad english.


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