Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sorrow Not Mine

You know how you think about something so much, you feel as if you've started obsessing over it? That is exactly how I'm feeling these days. There's just so much violence on the news, I can't help but realize that it has become a sort of lens for me. I can't see anything anymore, without thinking about death and loss.
I have become obsessed, it appears. I cannot tell if it is self-inflicted or media-induced.
A school going van reminds me of Peshawer APS students.
A group of laborers sitting on the roadside, jobless, reminds me of the lives lost in the factory burnt in Karachi.
A man walking along the road alone reminds me of the daily toll of lives lost by unknown persons hitting and running on personal vendettas.
I want to do something, so I decided to write about it.


What if I told you

that every breath you took

meant Someone died

Would you stop for 

maybe one second

and feel a Sharp

Pain in your chest

What if I told you

Someone died

in your backyard

Would you Stop for 

maybe one second

and feel a sharp 

pain in your Chest?

The Impact their departure

should leave on Us


beneath stamped words on

Cheap sheets

fluttering on the Roadside

maybe even

your own backyard

A mere Annoyance

For them, I take up 

my Pen

in the hopes that They

are Remembered again

Every life unjustly Lost

should not be mourned

by loved ones Alone

What use is it to be human

If we do not use our Hearts

to feel Pain that is not ours?

For them I bleed

on Pristine white paper

and mourn for

a Sorrow 

that is not only mine

but all of Humanity's


I'm writing it >>here<<. Would you like me to upload the chapters I write on this blog? Let me know.


  1. Yeah you should upload some here as well this was so thoughtful; :)
    Yes the news and stuff is really disturbing more often than not but you should try to not think about all this, keep preoccupied and don't let yourself think about it :)
    I feel bad when I see really poor people it gives me a very uneasy feeling about having stuff..

  2. waw that poem is so beautiful :) good job. It so hard not to think of all of this negativity that surronds us, but I guess there's always hope for tomorrow. I think every breath we take is a won battle for a lot of us in this world. We have to keep moving and do our best to give a good example for the coming youth

  3. Oh, what a beautiful poem! So many bad things are happening in the world it can make you feel helpless :(
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. I know how you feel like...
    It's a lovely poem :)

  5. That so beautiful! You've got such a way with words. I love how you introduced this. It's lovely:)


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